Hit by a falling object while on the job?

Tools, construction materials, flying debris from power tools, structural collapses, and heavy equipment loads that fall are some of the common types of accidents involving falling objects on construction sites. These accidents often lead to serious head injuries or traumatic brain injuries, lacerations, or other severe injuries. Although you have the right to workers’ compensation benefits, there may be a third-party liability, and it is very important that the facts in your case are analyzed to identify all liable parties.

Some of the most serious accidents are:

  • Objects falling from a crane;
  • Objects falling from a roof;
  • Objects falling through an unguarded opening;
  • Objects falling through an elevator shaft; and
  • Falling objects during demolition.

Construction Accident Lawyer New York

These types of accidents are often the result of an unsafe work environment. When a construction site is not properly cleaned up, debris from upper levels can fall on workers working below. When objects fall from a piece of machinery such as a crane, however, the cause is often operator error. Whether it is the crane operator, a signal person, or a supervisor, when someone makes a mistake while transporting heavy objects overhead, the consequences can be disastrous. Our attorneys will work hard to identify the cause of your accident and ensure that all liable parties are held accountable.

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Even when a person is covered by workers’ compensation, frequently the circumstances of the accident give rise to a claim against some party other than the employer. Any workplace injury should be investigated for other potential compensation as the damages allowed by workers’ compensation can be inadequate. These third-party claims can arise against subcontractors at construction sites, manufacturers of equipment and machinery or their operators, property owners, operators of motor vehicles, or on rare occasions, against co-workers or supervisors.