New York Sexual Harassment Attorney

New York Sexual Harassment

James J. Corbett, P.C. represents employees throughout the New York Metropolitan Area, Long Island and Westchester in cases involving sexual harassment and forms of discrimination and retaliation. If necessary, we consult investigators and other specialists to pursue your claim. We also may subpoena employee records, depose managers and supervisors, and gather eyewitness testimony. We are prepared to negotiate, file charges of discrimination, or sue when necessary to preserve your rights. We are prepared to establish a pattern of inappropriate behavior by an employer.

If you are the victim of inappropriate, unacceptable behavior on the part of an employer or co-worker, we will assert your rights, protect your interests, and offer evidence in support of your case. To schedule an appointment and discuss your case, contact James J. Corbett, P.C. today. The following types of conduct have been found to be sexual harassment:

  • Repeated sexual innuendo, obscene or off-color jokes, slurs, lewd remarks and language;
  • Content in letters and notes, texts, faxes, e-mail and graffiti that is of a sexual nature or sexually abusive;
  • Sexual propositions, insults and threats;
  • Sexually-oriented demeaning names;
  • Persistent unwanted sexual or romantic overtures or attention;
  • Leering, whistling or other sexually suggestive sounds or gestures;
  • Displaying pornographic pictures, calendars, cartoons or other sexual material in the workplace;
  • Coerced or unwelcome touching, patting, brushing up against, pinching, kissing, stroking, massaging, squeezing, fondling or tickling;
  • Subtle or overt pressure for sexual favors; and coerced sexual intercourse.

Employees who believe that they have been a victim of sexual harassment must act quickly to protect their rights. If you believe you have been sexually harassed, contact James J. Corbett, P.C. for a free consultation.