New York Life Insurance Lawyer

New York Life Insurance LawyerLife insurance claims should be handled by an experienced lawyer, so contact James J. Corbett, P.C. of New York State and Long Island, to handle these issues. There are a lot of firms that advertise their services for denied insurance claims, but many of those firms don’t even practice in the state of New York. They will refer the case to an attorney in the State of New York and take a proportion of the fee. James J. Corbett P.C. has offices in New York City and Long Island. And, Mr. Corbett (a former life insurance agent) will personally oversee your claim.

Denial of Life Insurance Claims

Insurance companies frequently attempt to deny life insurance claims for the following reasons:

  • Material Misrepresentation. Insurance companies can look to the policyholder’s original application to justify the denial of a claim. If the application contains any misstatements or omissions, the insurance company may try to rescind the policy and deny the claim. However the denial of a claim on these grounds is legitimate only if the misstatement or omission would have affected the insurance company’s decision to write the policy in the first place. Life insurance lawyer, James J. Corbett, will help you fight back against these illegitimate attempts to deny your claim.
  • The Policy was not “In Force.” The insurance company may claim that the policy was not in force at the time of death because the policyholder failed to make one or more premium payments. However, an insurance company is required to provide notice of cancellation and a “grace period”, during which the policy may be renewed by submitting payment for the premiums that are due. If the insurance company has not met these conditions, it cannot legitimately deny the claim. A life insurance attorney can fight for you if your insurance company attempts to deny your claim without meeting the conditions mandated by the law. 
  • Death was not “Accidental.” Many people have stand-alone accidental insurance policies or riders on their complete life insurance policies, which may pay more if the policyholder suffers an accidental death rather than a death through disease or some other cause. Insurance companies may claim that the death was deliberate or caused by the decedent’s reckless choice. Alternatively, the insurance company may claim that the intervening event caused the death. If this happens to you James J. Corbett, P.C. can assist you by thoroughly investigating your case and skillfully presenting the facts and argument that will be necessary to defeat an insurance company’s claim that a death was not accidental.

Premium Features

In some instances policyholders have been convinced to finance the premium for their life insurance policies. The financing arrangements frequently include complicated collateral requirements and other issues that the policyholder may not understand. If you are experiencing problems with your premium finance insurance policy, we can help.

Selling Your Policy On Secondary Market

Policy owners are sometimes solicited to sell their insurance policies. James J. Corbett can help guide you through the process, as well as pursue any claim you may have concerning your sale of a life insurance policy.